CrowdWork DC LCA (dba CrowdWork.Coop) is a dual-use cooperative platform serving business owners and co-op members, accelerating delivery of goods and services by unlocking efficiencies through shared ownership.

What We Do

CrowdWork helps independent workers and small businesses, especially workers and small businesses from underserved communities, create new pathways for collective and mutual growth through pooling of skills, interests, and experiences to access market opportunities.

IT Support
& Consulting

From IT strategy to support, we’re here to ensure your business is online and running smoothly. Our team offers a variety of services including digital strategy, web development, change management, IT service integrations, digital transformations, and general IT support.


From back-office support to operations and business development, our team can help you take your business to the next level. We offer virtual office administrative solutions, virtual assistants, bookkeeping, project management, product management, business incorporation,
proposal writing, contract management, grant procurement, legal advising, meeting facilitation,
and coaching.

& Training

From workshops to courses, our experienced professionals can help you start and grow your own business. We offer workshops on Forming and Conducting a Compliant Business, Financial Management, Building and Leveraging Your Website, and DC Government Contracting.


Our members serve a wide range of customers with solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Government Agencies
Small-Medium Businesses


We provide our members a vehicle to leverage the advantages of cooperative ownership.

Operators / Worker-Members
Business Owners / Member Enterprises

Why Become a Member

Community Reinvestment
As a co-op, profits generated by CrowdWork are reinvested back into the community, rather than solely to outside investors. This can result in a greater economic impact and benefit to the local community.
Local Capacity Building
Training and capacity building opportunities for small businesses and professionals, helping them to become more competitive and able to participate in government contracting opportunities.
145+ years of combined professional work experience.
Our members hold a vast array of skillsets and represent many different backgrounds...
Democratically Owned & Operated

Our Founding Team

Steven Rodriguez

Do you want to try a new way of working?

The Co-op Advantage

Why Join Us?

Economic Outcomes

Our services allow members to unlock new markets, scale operations, and validate the creation of new services while eliminating extraneous costs of administration.

Bridging Divides

Bridging the generational divide and fostering cooperation and mutual respect.

Participatory Governance

Empowerment through cooperative governance and equal decision-making.

Learning & Collaboration

More Benefits

We assist businesses, groups, and individuals in promoting community development around cooperative values and Sociocratic practices, identifying and building community relationships, and identifying topics and projects that would be exciting to build together.


As a member of CrowdWork.Coop, you’ll have access to a network of businesses and professionals who can provide valuable resources and support, including referrals, expert advice, and access to business development opportunities.


Our members support each other and even partner together on their business endeavors. We offer a range of products and services to help you succeed, including professional services, IT support and consulting, entrepreneurship education and training, and access to technology.


By pooling resources and skills with other members, you can increase your competitiveness and reduce costs, allowing you to focus on what you do best and grow your business more effectively.


Co-op members have the opportunity to participate in the governance and decision-making of our organization. This means you’ll have a say in how we operate and can contribute to driving positive change for our communities.

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