CrowdWork DC LCA

CrowdWork DC LCA (CrowdWork.Coop) is a Limited Cooperative Association based in Washington, DC.

We operate as a worker-owned cooperative to provide each other and our customers business support and professional services – locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.

CrowdWork seeks to enable resilient pathways to growth for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs and underrepresented communities by providing access to world-class business support services, partnerships and contract opportunities.

We offer business ownership, self-management, revenue generation, and skilled professionals to support a future worker-owned economy.

Grow Alive
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As a cooperative, CrowdWork offers

As a member you will enjoy access to:

  • Support with your business operational services and consultations
  • Greater abilities generate revenue through collective opportunity sharing, access to markets, contracts, job sharing, and lowered business costs for worker-owners.
  • Leverage network professional growth and development opportunities.
  • Access to communities and network of worker members, partners, and institutions
  • And more to come..

We would love to hear from you

Feel free to contact us or just drop a line here.