We serve clients in various domains such as Digital Transformation Services, Back Office/Admin Support, Professional Services and Organizational Coaching.

We are a Washington, DC based Limited Cooperative Association

CrowdWork is a worker–owned cooperative that specializes in community–based approaches for workforce development based on the values of trust, inclusion, participation and shared ownership. We believe that worker–ownership leads to more equitable market access in the New Economy while at the same time fully addressing our clients’ needs – without compromising on the integrity of the worker or workers. 

Digital Transformation Services

Professional Services (Consulting)

Back Office Support

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and skills, ranging from entry–level to seasoned professionals that expand their impact through the cooperative umbrella whether they are just starting or seeking to jump–start their career or own business.


As a cooperative, we are member–owned and controlled through dynamic governance, enabling greater organizational flexibility and agility, access to ecosystem partners and collective purchasing power and bonafide ways to reduce risk.


Our members, clients and partners leverage the cooperative as a vehicle to build community wealth that is mission–focused and values–aligned with the cooperative sector that reduces barriers to finding jobs for workers, from entry-level to seasoned professionals. 

What is a Co-op?

“A cooperative is a voluntary contractual organization of persons having a mutual ownership interest in providing themselves needed services. It is usually organized as a legal entity to accomplish an economic objective through joint participation of its members. In a cooperative, the investment of time and money risks, benefits gained or losses incurred are shared equitably by its members in proportion to their use of the cooperative services. A cooperative is democratically controlled by its members on the basis of their status as member-users and not as investors in the capital structure of the cooperatives.”

(Savage & Volkin)

At CrowdWork, we believe that everyone can make a difference, together.

Whether you are local or trans–local, CrowdWork would love to learn more about you and your needs.

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