Our Current Focus Areas

Workforce & Business Development Opportunities

Connecting local freelancers to transitionary employment opportunities in high-demand service areas.

Servicing needs of businesses throughout the local, national, and international markets.

Achievements: We have successfully transitioned 3 local Washington, DC area jobseekers to high paying jobs via direct work experience and our social capital and portfolio building approach.

Cooperative Governance & Dynamic Power Structures

Preparing operational and policy making procedures for onboarding prospective members into semi-autonomous spaces.

Diverse Financing & Equity Vehicles

Producing generative local market conditions to meet public and commercial demand for business development services - particularly digital and back office needs.​

Recognizing and valuing diverse types of capital that provide for a more inclusive, democratic, and stakeholder-driven development roadmap.

Achievements: Piloting cooperative crowdfunding campaigns to nurture further ecosystem development and offset overhead maintenance costs of shared utilities.

Formalizing as a Limited Equity Cooperative for multi-stakeholder investment avenues.

Infrastructure Development for Resilient and Sustainable Open Source Networks

Developing internal and public-facing information technology solutions to anticipate diverse regional capacity needs for market inter-connectivity.

Ethical Outsourcing

Running a business is expensive, and so is freelancing. We help incubate local workers and contractors to help extend the workforce capacity of businesses and organizations. , access to shared services at group rates, and back office support. We offer local businesses a vehicle for locally sourced talent to meet their business growth needs - either as an extension of workforce capacity, access to shared services at group rates, or back office support.
This semi-autonomous model will encourage more equitable and distributed ownership.
Existing businesses retain their autonomy while keeping money circulating within the local economy.

Synchronize or Asynchronized


Workers come in many shapes and sizes from delivering goods and services to building new opportunities. As we’ve learned during a pandemic, there are even essential workers who were not valued until people needed them the most.  

Unmet Needs

  • Recognition
  • Better pay
  • Longer-term growth opportunities

How do we help?

  • Find equitable paying jobs
  • Access to guild models that protect workers from hyper-competitive markets
  • Provide access to participatory budgeting and decision-making